IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking
7–10 November 2022 // Paris, France


In the following we present the program of the IEEE CLOUDNET 2022 week including:

  • 2 Tutorials
  • IEEE Global Internet Symposium
    • 1 keynote session
    • 3 technical sessions
  • IEEE CloudNet Main Conference
    • 5 keynote sessions
    • 6 full-paper technical sessions
    • 2 short-paper technical sessions
    • 1 demos and posters sessions.
  • Social Events.


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Best Paper Awards:

Best Full Paper Award
DDoS Attack Detection via Privacy-aware Federated Learning and Collaborative Mitigation in Multi-domain Cyber Infrastructures
Marinos Dimolianis, Dimitrios K Kalogeras, Nikos Kostopoulos and Vasilis Maglaris (National Technical University of Athens,  Greece)
Best Short Paper Award
NSPlacer: A Tool for Evaluating Service Placement Algorithms in Post-5G Networks
Masoud Taghavian, Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul, Geraldine Texier and Philippe Bertin (IRISA, France)

Program at a Glance



Below is the integrated Whova agenda of the technical program. You can also browse the detailed program as follows:



NB: only the presenter affiliation is reported hereafter; the presenter is in italic.

Monday, November 7, 9:00 – 5:45 (Europe/Paris)

Tut-1: Introduction to quantum computing and post-quantum algorithms (Tutorial I)

Radia Perlman, Charlie Kaufman (Dell)
Chair: Samia Bouzefrane (Cnam)

Tut-2: Tiny ML and Edge Computing (Tutorial II)

Akram Baharlouei (Meta AI/Facebook, USA)
Chair: Pedro B. Velloso (Cnam)

Monday, November 7, 10:00 – 11:00 (Europe/Paris)

GI-K: Keynote Session

IP and Telco Slicing: Challenges and Forthcoming Convergence

Barbara Orlandi (Nokia Bell Labs, France)

Chair: Michele Nogueira (UFMG, Brazil)

Monday, November 7, 11:00 – 12:20 (Europe/Paris)

GI-TS-1: Network Security and Quality

Chair: Michele Nogueira (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
11:00 Fingerprinting Webpages and Smartphone Apps from Encrypted Network Traffic with WebScanner
Pedro Casas, Nikolas Wehner, Sarah Wassermann and Michael Seufert (AIT, Austria)
11:20 ImMuNE: Improved Multilateration in Noisy Environments

Mathieu Champion, Marc Dacier and Elisa Chiapponi (KAUST, SA)

11:40 Acceleration of MQTT-SN protocol using P4
Ryohei Banno and Koki Osawa (Kogakui University, Japan)
12:00 Improving Fairness for QoE of Adaptive Video Streaming over ICN
Rei Nakagawa, Satoshi Ohzahata and Ryo Yamamoto (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)

Monday, November 7, 2:00 – 3:20 (Europe/Paris)

GI-TS-2: Resource Allocation

Chair: Pedro Casas (AIT, Austria)
2:00 Robust Resource Allocation Against Controller Failures in Network Slice Provisioning
Laiza De Lara, Francesca Fossati and Stephane Rovedakis (Sorbonne University, France)
2:20 Virtual Network Embedding using a Federated DRL Approach
Saurav Chakraborty and Krishna M. Sivalingam (IIT Madras, India)
2:40 Resource Allocation in Multiple Backup Modes under Reliability Guarantee with Workload-Dependent Failure Probability
Mengfei Zhu and Eiji Oki (University of Kyoto, Japan)
3:00 MPLS-Kit: An MPLS Data Plane Toolkit
Juan Vanerio, Stefan Schmid, Morten K Schou and Jiri Srba (University of Vienna, Austria)

Monday, November 7, 4:00 – 5:40 (Europe/Paris)

GI-TS-3: Routing and Caching

Chair: Ryohei Banno (Kogakui University, Japan)
4:00 FBR: Dynamic Memory-Aware Fast Rerouting
Andreas L. Madsen, Nicklas S. Johansen, Lasse B. Kaer, Kristian Ø Nielsen, Stefan Schmid, Jiri Srba and Rasmus G. Tollund (Aalborg University, Denmark)
4:25 Measuring Cloud Latency in Africa
Opeoluwa Victor Babasanmi and Josiah Chavula (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
4:50 Terabytes and Terabits/s Packet Caching in ICN Routers using Programmable Switches
Junji Takemasa, Yuki Koizumi and Toru Hasegawa (Osaka University, Japan)
5:15 Efficient Multipath Selection for IoT Video Transmission
Fabiano Pereira Bhering, Diego Passos, Célio Vinicius Neves de Albuquerque and Katia Obraczka (Universidade Federal Fluminense & CEFET-MG, Brazil)

Tuesday, November 8

Tuesday, November 8, 9:15 – 10:15 (Europe/Paris)

K-1: Keynote Session I

Tackling the Identity Problem
Radia Perlman (Dell, USA)
Chair: Stefano Secci (Cnam)

Tuesday, November 8, 11:00 – 12:15 (Europe/Paris)

TS-1: Technical Session I: Cloud Resource Orchestration and Management

Chair: Leonardo Linguaglossa (Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)

TS-1.1 11:00 Cloud Orchestration for Optimized Computing Efficiency: The Case of Wind Resource Modelling
Marios Touloupou, Evgenia Kapassa and Stamatia Rizou (University of Nicosia, Cyprus)
TS-1.2 11:25 Reconfiguring Network Slices at the Best Time With Deep Reinforcement Learning
Adrien Gausseran, Redha Abderrahmane Alliche, Hicham Lesfari, Ramon Aparicio-Pardo, Frederic Giroire and Joanna Moulierac (University Côte d’Azur, France)
TS-1.3 11:50 NS3SaaS: Cloud-based “Network Simulator as a Service” with customisable resource scheduling
Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Dimitrios Ringas, Eleni Christopoulou, Georgios Keramidas, Christos P. Antonopoulos and Nikolaos Voros (University of Peloponesse, Greece)

Tuesday, November 8, 2:00 – 3:00 (Europe/Paris)

K-2: Keynote Session II

Issues in Cloud Security
Charlie Kaufman (Dell, USA)
Chair: Prosper Chemouil (Cnam)

Tuesday, November 8, 3:00 – 4:15 (Europe/Paris)

TS-2: Technical Session II: Cloud Security and Privacy

Chair: Michael A. Enright (Quantum Dimension, USA)
TS-2.1 3:00 Cutting Edge: Privacy Analysis of the ETSI MEC APIs and the Potential Vulnerabilities
Daniel Fraunholz, Richard Schörghofer-Vrinssen, Hartmut Koenig and Daniel Reti (BTU Cottbus, Germany)
TS-2.2 3:25 Token-based authentication and access delegation for HW-accelerated telco cloud solution
Semih Ince, David Espes, Guy Gogniat, Renaud Santoro and Julien Lallet (Nokia, France)
TS-2.3 3:50 DDoS Attack Detection via Privacy-aware Federated Learning and Collaborative Mitigation in Multi-domain Cyber Infrastructures
Marinos Dimolianis, Dimitrios K Kalogeras, Nikos Kostopoulos and Vasilis Maglaris (National Technical University of Athens,  Greece)

Tuesday, November 8, 5:00 – 6:00 (Europe/Paris)

SPS-1: Short Paper Session I: Cloud Applications

Chair: Leonardo Linguaglossa (Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)
SPS-1.1 5:00 Decision Algorithm for Computational Offloading in Vehicular Fog Computing with Pedestrians
Paulo Gonçalves Rocha, Alisson Souza, Francisco Airton Silva and Paulo A. L. Rego (Federal University of Ceará, Brazil)
SPS-1.2 5:20 Development of a Secure Data Sharing Mechanism for IoT Application Systems
Naoya Kitagawa, Atsuko Takefusa and Kento Aida (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
SPS-1.3 5:40 An Enhanced Cloud-Native Deep Learning Pipeline for Network Traffic Classification
Ahmed S. ElKenawy and Sherif Aly (The American University in Cairo, Egypt)

Wednesday, November 9

Wednesday, November 9, 9:15 – 10:15 (Europe/Paris)

K-3: Keynote Session III

Cloud deployments of 5G core networks: unleashing the power of private 5G
Nicola Di Pietro (Athonet, Italy)
Chair: Neiva Linder (Ericsson, Sweden)

Wednesday, November 9, 11:00 – 12:15 (Europe/Paris)

TS-3: Technical Session III: Edge Computing

Chair: Luke Bertot (Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)
TS-3.1 11:00 Deployment Guidelines for Cloud-RAN in Future Mobile Networks
Line M. P. Larsen, Henrik Christiansen, Sarah Ruepp and Michael S. Berger (TDC Net & Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
TS-3.2 11:25 Latency-Constrained Task Distribution in Multi-Access Edge Computing Systems
Guilherme Iecker Ricardo, Amal Benhamiche, Nancy Perrot and Yannick Carlinet (Orange, France)
TS-3.3 11:50 An Efficient Simulated Annealing-based Task Scheduling Technique for Task Offloading in a Mobile Edge Architecture
Ayeh Mahjoubi, Karl-Johan Grinnemo and Javid Taheri (Karlstad University, Sweden)

Wednesday, November 9, 2:00 – 3:00 (Europe/Paris)

K-4: Keynote Session IV

Building the Responsible Internet

Paola Grosso (University of Amsterdam, NL)

Chair: Eric Gressier-Soudan (Cnam)

Wednesday, November 9, 3:00 – 4:15 (Europe/Paris)

TS-4: Technical Session IV: Cloud Deployments

Chair: Deep Medhi (NSF, USA)
TS-4.1 3:00 On the Deployment of Blockchain in Edge Computing Wireless Networks
Wael Jaafar, Koutoua Jean Roméo Beyara, Imen Aouini, Jihene Ben Abderrazak and Halim Yanikomeroglu (École de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal, Canada).
TS-4.2 3:25 On the Implementation of a Software-Defined Memory Control Plane for Disaggregated Datacenters
Ilias Syrigos, Dimitris Syrivelis and Thanasis Korakis (University of Thessaly, Greece)
TS-4.3 3:50 Predictable Open Source FaaS Function Chains
Dávid Balla, Markosz Maliosz and Csaba Simon (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)

Thursday, November 10

Thursday, November 10, 9:25 – 10:15 (Europe/Paris)

TS-5: Technical Session V: Learning for Cloud Networking

Chair: Stephane Rovedakis (Cnam)
9:25 Adapting Kubernetes controllers to the edge: on-demand control planes using Wasm and WASI
Merlijn Sebrechts, Tim Ramlot, Sander Borny, Tom Goethals, Bruno Volckaert and Filip De Turck (Ghent University, Belgium)
9:50 Bifrost: Secure, Scalable and Efficient File Sharing System Using Dual Deduplication
Hadi Sehat, Daniel E. Lucani and Elena Pagnin (Aarhus University, Denmark).  

Thursday, November 10, 11:00 – 12:15 (Europe/Paris)

TS-6: Technical Session VI: Platforms and Storage

Chair: Adzic Jovanka (Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy)
TS-6.1 11:00 A demand aware strategy for a machine learning approach to VNF-PC problem
Samuel Moreira Abreu Araújo, Fernanda Sumika Hojo de Souza and Geraldo R Mateus (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
TS-6.2 11:25 Optimal Network Selection Method Using Federated Learning to Achieve Large-Scale Learning While Preserving Privacy
Koki Horita, Bin Yang, Thomas Carette, Masanobu Jimbo and Akihiro Nakao (Sony, Japan)
TS-6.3 11:50 Policy-Gradient-Based Reinforcement Learning for Computing Resources Allocation in O-RAN
Mahdi Sharara, Turgay Pamuklu, Sahar Hoteit, Véronique Vèque and Melike Erol-Kantarci (Universite Paris-Saclay, France).

Thursday, November 10, 2:00 – 3:00 (Europe/Paris)

K-4: Keynote Session V

DiSC: Datacenter Networking Optimization With Distributed Shared Connection
Alain Tchana (Grenoble INP, France)
Chair: Stefano Secci (Cnam, France)

Thursday, November 10, 3:00 – 4:30 (Europe/Paris)

SPS-2: Short Paper Session II: Scaling Cloud Networks

Chair: Mathieu Bacou (Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)
SPS-2.1 3:00 Graph-PHPA: Graph-based Proactive Horizontal Pod Autoscaling for Microservices using LSTM-GNN
Hoa Xuan Nguyen, Shaoshu Zhu and Mingming Liu (Dublin City University & SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland)
SPS-2.2 3:20 Federated Learning approach for Auto-scaling of Virtual Network Function resource allocation in 5G-and-Beyond Networks
Rahul Mastram Verma and Krishna M. Sivalingam (IIT Madras, India)
SPS-2.3 3:40 Extreme Bitmapping: Efficiently Sorting Data for Cloud Compression
Christian Morup, Anders Kloborg and Daniel E. Lucani (Aarhus University, Denmark)
SPS-2.4 4:00 NSPlacer: A Tool for Evaluating Service Placement Algorithms in Post-5G Networks
Masoud Taghavian, Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul, Geraldine Texier and Philippe Bertin (IRISA, France)
SPS-2.5 4:15 Distributed Computations with Layered Resolution
Homa Esfahanizadeh, Alejandro Cohen, Muriel Médard and Shlomo (Shitz) Shamai (MIT, USA)

Thursday, November 10, 4:30 – 6:00 (Europe/Paris)

PD: Poster and Demo Session

Chair: Mathieu Bacou (Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)
4:30 MORA on the Edge: a testbed of Multiple Option Resource Allocation
Wendlasida Ouedraogo, Alessandro Di Stefano, Andrea Araldo and Antonella Di Stefano (Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France)
5:30 CMSec: A Vulnerability Prevention Tool for Supporting Migrations in Cloud Composite Services
Mohamed Oulaaffart, Remi Badonnel and Olivier Festor (Inria, France)
6:30 Design and Evaluation of a Low-Latency CPC Environment for Virtual IEDs
Ricardo Carvalho, Mário Antunes, João Paulo Barraca, Diogo Gomes and Rui L Aguiar (Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal)
7:30 LemonLDAP::NG A Full AAA Free Open Source WebSSO Solution (invited)
Christophe Maudoux and Selma Boumerdassi (Cnam)